Application and Current Openings

You can apply for a staff position online.


Song of the Morning is an amazing place for those consciously on the spiritual path who want to put their heart into what they do. Our staff positions provide an opportunity to learn how the practical applications of Yoga relate to everyday life as well as the chance to advance in spiritual discipline and growth.


There are many staff roles, including housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, programming/marketing, guest services/bookstore and grounds/gardening. Each person’s role varies depending on his or her skill set. We often function as a team to accomplish the needs of the retreat. An ordinary day might involve spending a morning in the garden, moving into housekeeping, ending up in the kitchen for dinner prep. We are really just one big staff working together to fulfill the needs of the Ranch. Staff members attend group practices as scheduled, evening meditation and morning meetings and  help with meal clean up. Work days run from eight to five and into the evening when we have guests.

Lodging at Song of the Morning is simple and comfortable, allowing you to get the most out of your yogic experience without the usual distractions of phones, televisions, etc. Most staff rooms are quite small, lovingly referred to as “pods,” and include a half bath, located in the same facility as the kitchen, dining room and offices.


Living and working at Song of the Morning is an intensely communal environment; therefore, an ability to get along well with others is a necessity. Time off includes evenings between dinner clean-up and meditation, Sundays after clean-up (approx. 3:30 pm), and all day most Mondays.

While we do not require a contract, we ask that those applying to be on staff have the intention of being with us for at least one year. This provides staff members with a more complete experience as well as an opportunity to train and learn their positions. Are you willing to consider staying for at least a year? Staff members receive a stipend and free room and board.


1.   While each staff member has his/ her own set of primary duties, our staff works together to meet the ongoing needs of the retreat. In a spirit of positive interdependence, staff is expected to help out with shared duties (such as kitchen clean-up) and tasks assigned to meet periodic or unexpected needs.

2.   All staff and work exchangers are responsible, individually and collectively, or creating an environment that is consistently welcoming, serviceful, respectful, and spiritually uplifting. Each person’s thoughts, words and actions – toward members, guests, and each other- help create the positive experience of all who come to Song of the Morning.

Open Positions

Kitchen Lead Position at Song of the Morning

Song of the Morning - an uncommon and authentic yoga retreat in the serene North Woods of Michigan - is in need of a Kitchen Lead. This is an incredible opportunity for someone who loves to cook healthy delicious vegetarian food, and who is on a conscious path to union with the divine.


Every day of the year, Song of the Morning opens its doors to truth thirsty souls in need of spiritual replenishment and renewal. It is a place of healing, service and growth, and as a staff member you will live at the center of this; in an intentional community for whom Song of the Morning is a spiritual home. We are therefore feeding hungry souls, as well as hungry mouths.

Food is very much at the heart of what we do. We have a robust gardening operation and prepare healthy and delicious vegetarian meals to guests, community members, and staff. Song of the Morning is a place of connecting - with each other, with the land, with spirit, with your Self - and the rituals of cooking and eating together are integral components of this connection.

We are therefore looking for someone to take the lead in the kitchen and oversee meal preparation and cleanup, while at the same time joining us as we journey one and all towards spiritual fulfillment. We all work together to cultivate an inclusive, supportive and harmonious atmosphere, and so it is important that the person coming into this position does so with conscious intention to serve the guests, the greater good, and the higher Self. For thousands of years yoga has meant a serious dedication to purifying the self and thereby drawing closer to God. We honor that tradition at Song of the Morning, and invite staff who will do the same.

The Kitchen Lead is in charge of:

  • planning and preparing a minimum of six vegetarian meals per week feeding 10-80 people
  • preparing recipes for guests with food allergies/sensitivities
  • operating /maintaining kitchen equipment
  • coordinating with Guest Services and Gardening staff
  • ordering and shopping for food
  • helping and supervising kitchen clean up

Organizational skills are necessary, and knowledge of different methods of cooking (Ayurvedic, macrobiotic, etc.) is a plus. An open mind and loving attitude is a must.

While each staff member has his or her own set of primary duties, our staff works together on a daily basis to meet the ongoing needs of the retreat. We are a community in the true sense of the word, and so come together to do the work that needs to be done, and foster a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere in doing it. As Kitchen Lead you will have a lot of practical support chopping vegetables, washing dishes, etc. Too you will find personal support by virtue of living in a community, and spiritual support living a balanced lifestyle committed to yogic values of loving kindness, discipline, health and wholeness.

Our retreat center was founded by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Our spiritual practices include daily meditation, hatha yoga, devotional chanting, reading of spiritual texts, and selfless service. To be on staff requires the ability to carry out your duties with conscious attention, diligence and care, while at the same time balancing your obligation to yourself to take advantage of the abundant opportunities for spiritual growth. Staff members are very much encouraged to participate in the ongoing spiritual practices held daily at the retreat.

On site housing and meals are available, along with a modest salary. All seekers of truth are welcome to apply. We invite all those who live in the world with love and sincerity in their hearts.