Karma Yogi Summer Internship & Work Exchange Program:

Join us for a summer you will never forget!


We are looking for hearty souls to join us for an unforgettable summer immersion at our northern Michigan Yoga Retreat! Opportunities are available serving in the garden, in the kitchen, assisting in day-to-day operations of our yoga retreat, and gaining professional experience by helping to coordinate our annual summer yoga festival. All sincere seekers of truth with a desire to live and serve with love in their hearts are encouraged to apply.

A Karma Yogi Intern, or Work Exchange Volunteer, is expected to make a commitment to our summer program, which encompasses all of June and July, and includes a work schedule of approximately 35 hours per week. In exchange, Song of the Morning provides room and board, including delicious in-house vegetarian meals made with vegetables that karma yogis themselves will have a hand in growing. Additionally, interns and volunteers will receive loving spiritual guidance in the form of a structured sadhana (meaning “spiritual practice”) program rooted in the universal yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. This program will include guided meditation, yoga classes, spiritual study, devotional music, and opportunities to talk openly with the nurturing staff members who are here to help you understand and experience your own inner truths, providing you with spiritual tools handed down through the ancient and divine science of Yoga.

At Song of the Morning we honor and adhere to the deeper dimensions of Yoga— a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “Union.” Each of us in our own way is on a path towards conscious union with the divine. All applicants should understand that we have no fixed belief requirements, and will encourage you to come to your own understanding of what divine union means to you. At the same time, it is equally important to understand that Song of the Morning in general— and this summer program in particular—are appropriate only for those who are open to and/or looking for spiritual growth and meaning. Full participation in the summer sadhana program is expected, as it is very much at the heart, mission and purpose of our yoga retreat.

Beyond this program of spiritual practice, it is important to understand that you will be living in community - which means shared values and responsibilities while living in close quarters. We work together, practice together, eat together, and laugh together; with many of us sharing a communal living space. Living in community in this way can be extremely rewarding and uplifting, but it can also have its challenges for those who are accustomed to unlimited free time and space. That said, you will be allotted a reasonable amount of free time— including two days off a week—to enjoy the 800 acres of retreat grounds, and the Pigeon River State Forest surrounding it. It is an immersion into nature, as well as spirit.

Last, but certainly not least, this is very much a program which requires daily loving service. In other words: you will be put to work, and there are a number of areas where we are in need of your welcomed and essential assistance.

Please review the following list of retreat needs, and tell us where your interests lie. If there is one particular area of emphasis that you feel strongly called to pursue, you can apply specifically for that internship. Alternately, if there is more than one area in which you would like to serve, we welcome you to apply for a joint internship in those areas. We will consider your skillset, constitution and wishes, and compare those qualities and desires with the overall demands of the retreat; attempting to come to a harmonious arrangement which works for all involved.

Karma Yogi Summer Internship and Work Exchange Opportunities:

  • Garden Emphasis:

    • We have a large garden which takes a lot of loving care and attention, and are looking for hardworking yogis to take an active leadership role, or otherwise assist in tending to, organizing, and overseeing the summer gardening operation during its busy grow season.

  • Kitchen Emphasis:

    • Help with planning, preparation, and execution of delicious vegetarian meals under the supervision of Emma, our young, talented, and delightful Kitchen Lead. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and coordinating with the garden team will all be a part of this internship and work exchange emphasis.

  • Retreat Operations Emphasis:

    • Assisting in all elements of what it takes to run a yoga retreat, including groundskeeping and landscaping, cleaning and preparing rooms and other spaces, assisting staff in numerous essential ways, and generally doing whatever needs doing with a heart of selfless service.

  • Festival Coordination Emphasis:

    • Song of the Morning holds a deeply nourishing four-day yoga festival over the last weekend of July. It is a blissful, beautiful and spiritually charged event which takes a great deal of loving attention to successfully produce. Interns and volunteers are essential in offering summer-long assistance with marketing and communications outreach, logistical planning, and all other elements of large-scale event coordination.

Please know that any applicant may be asked to do any or all of the above—and a great deal of other tasks besides—at basically any time. If you wish to be here and offer yourself into Song of the Morning with a hard-working spirit of selfless service—while also exploring spiritual truths and your own spiritual understanding—then we want you to be here. As such, we will encourage you to live a balanced yogic life—which includes time for self-study, self-practice, and self-care—while offering all of the guidance, encouragement, and support that we are able to offer.

Applicants must commit to arriving at Song of the Morning no later than May 30, and staying through the month of July. This time-frame is the minimum, and is non-negotiable. Possibilities of an extended stay can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

We look forward to sharing in an incredible summer with a few heartfelt lovers of truth and nature who desire an authentic experience of Yoga. If you are one such person, we warmly invite you to apply below.