The Clear Light Community is located on the beautifully forested land owned by Golden Lotus, part of the 800 acres on which Song of the Morning is also located. Each of 72 lots has uniquely sylvan characteristics. The Community encompasses the loftiest ideals for a balanced, God-permeated life as passed down to us by our Master, Paramahansa Yogananda; our Founder, Yogacharya J. Oliver Black; and Bob Raymer, our Spiritual Director from 1991 to 2004.

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Master envisioned “World Brotherhood Colonies” as places where harmonious people could support each other in the balanced development of body, mind and soul through the teachings of Yoga. He spoke of “plain living and God thinking,” a simple but effective formula to tap into the spiritual reality that flows like a deep river beneath the chaos of our times. Song of the Morning Ranch is the ideal location for such a colony, nested as it is within a state forest teaming with God’s boundless variety of life forms and the deep quiet and peace conducive to inner revelation.

Twenty-nine lots are already leased, and seven houses have already been built in the several loops that comprise the single-family area. A yearly newsletter is available upon request, with details about current plans and activities.


Signs are located at the entrances to the different roads in the community to help you in exploring the area whenever you visit the Retreat. For further information, to obtain a copy of the lease, or to arrange for a guided tour of the Community, please contact Carol or Richard Armour at 989-983-9136. Please leave a message, and they will return your call.

Also, to learn more please visit their website, songofthemorningcommunity.com. Here you can read details about leasing, view photos and videos, access the community newsletters and reach out to current members.

Clear Light Pioneer Community Members

Mary Ann and George met and were married here at Song of the Morning. They were also the first residents to build their home in our Clear Light Community.