Song of the Morning is privileged to make our facilities available for private groups to hold their workshops and trainings at our yoga retreat. We truly value the relationships we have with presenters and the expertise they bring to Song of the Morning.  Presenters have the beautiful charge of drawing people to come stay at Song of the Morning who are looking for a structured and guided experience and we are grateful for the knowledge, skills and abilities you have to offer. As a nonprofit agency our fee scale is in place  to offset the administrative costs associated with retreats when there is low attendance or they are cancelled.

Facility Rental Fee

The fee for use of one of our gathering spaces to host your weekend retreat (i.e., Friday evening through the Sunday meal at 1pm) is $300.  Fees for each additional day is $100. 

Spaces available for rent:

  • Center Dome

  • Wheelhouse

  • Central meeting area in the Lodge

Dates will be confirmed once we have approved a proposal and received the $300  facility rental fee. Facilities fees are nonrefundable. Deposit and payment plans can be arranged at the discretion of the Programs & Marketing Manager.  

To help us serve you as fully as possible, please read through the information below and complete all areas of the proposal form that follows. Click the submit button at the bottom of the form when complete.  Feel free to email us programs@songofthemorning.org or call 989-983-4107 for assistance.

Private groups are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Your reservation will be confirmed once we have received both your proposal and facilities fee. Facilities fees are nonrefundable.

Our Culture of Community

When you host a retreat at Song of the Morning, you are bringing your students into a spiritual container that has been cultivated by love, service, meditation and sincere seekers since its founding in 1970. Song of the Morning is much more than a yoga retreat center; we are a spiritual community founded on the timeless teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Song of the Morning was founded in 1970 by Yogacharya Oliver Black, and since then has been a place of sanctuary for all those on the path toward the Divine. We invite and encourage your group to join us for any of our regularly scheduled spiritual activities, which are rooted in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda:

  • Meditation from 8-9 pm Tuesday-Saturday evening

  • Sunday worship service from 11 am-12:15 pm.

These programs generally take place in the Lodge, although they are subject to change based on capacity limitations.  Retreat leaders and others staying in the Lodge are asked to plan their activities around these times in order to help us maintain silence and the sanctity of our ongoing activities. 

Culture of Service

Song of the Morning is a spiritual non-profit retreat center that is sustained by the selfless service of countless volunteers and donors. The practice of karma yoga, or selfless service, is integral part of the yogic path. At Song of the Morning, this practice not only sustains this spiritual retreat, but selfless service helps grow a deeper sense of community. When we pitch in alongside one another, we become a part of something bigger than ourselves. It is by giving that we are able to receive more fully, and we invite everyone who comes to Song of the Morning to join.

When we host groups, we invite them to sign up for a karma yoga shift during their stay. Most of the time, this means helping with dinner clean up once we finish eating together. Other times, group facilitators will ask if there’s a project their group can help out with during their stay. In the summer this often means spending an hour in our organic garden, or a shift in the kitchen chopping vegetables for the next meal.

When guests arrive they will be able to choose which karma yoga shift they would like to join. If you are interested in scheduling an all-group project in the garden or kitchen during your retreat, please indicate that in your application—we’d love to collaborate with you!

Building Features

Each of the facility locations are unique, and therefore a particular space may be better suited for your retreat depending on the size of your group and what activities you're doing.  In the application you can list your building request, though depending on the weekend your first choice may not be available. If you have never been to Song of the Morning before, click here to read more about each of the gathering spaces. Song of the Morning has 40+ yoga mats available for guest use, along with an assortment of yoga props including 10 bolsters and a small number of blocks, blankets and pillows. Cushions for seated practice are also available in the Lodge where we host our evening meditation. 

Presenter Accommodations

  • One lead presenter will receive free meals and lodging for retreats that bring in at least 8 participants.

  • Presenters will generally be given a single room. They are welcome to bring friends, partners or family members; however, they will be charged for meals and any additional cost of lodging (i.e., upgrades to a larger room or additional room).

  • Please note: Arrangements for accommodations for co-presenters, teaching assistants and family members must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Participant Accommodations and Cancellation Policy

  • Participants must make their reservations through Song of the Morning in advance.

  • If a lodging reservation is cancelled more than 72 hours before the scheduled arrival date, then the payment is refunded minus a $50 administrative fee ($40 for camping).

  • For lodging reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled arrival date, the payment is refunded minus the cost of the first night’s accommodations.

  • No refund is available for no shows.

  • Full time students may request a 25% discount for accommodations (i.e., meals and lodging) if they register at least one week in advance. A valid student ID is required.

Schedule for Meals

We serve nutritious vegetarian meals at Song of the Morning.  If meals need to be modified in any way, please let us know in your application. 

  • Brunch and dinner are served Wednesday through Saturday.
    Brunch is at 10 am; dinner, at 5 pm.

  • A single main meal is served at 1 pm on Sundays following the 11 am worship service.

  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

Sample Schedule - Download Here

Use this schedule to get an idea of how you can structure your program. It includes meals and the retreat center activities so you can easily tailor your retreat around whatever activities you wish to join. 

We ask that your group participants observe the following

  • In keeping with a yogic lifestyle, the use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and coming onto the property under the influence are prohibited.

  • Please leave pets at home.

  • No campfires.

  • Some of our guests are environmentally sensitive, please refrain from using strong fragrances, scented candles or incense.

One Final Note – Our Culture of Respect

During his later years Yogananda often spoke of creating World Brotherhood Colonies, centers where sincere seekers of diverse spiritual traditions would come together to live and work in friendship and deep mutual respect. Toward this end, he asked Yogacharya Oliver Black to establish Song of the Morning as such a community. Our intention at Song of the Morning is to provide a welcoming, friendly environment to all who visit, regardless of their respective beliefs and practices. In return, it is our expectation that guests extend a similar attitude of friendship and respect to others.

Thank you for working with us to put together a schedule of engaging, transformative programs in the coming season!

The Programming Staff at Song of the Morning

Proposal and Contract for a Private Retreat

Presenter(s) and Contact Information
Mailing address of lead presenter *
Mailing address of lead presenter
Preferred phone number(s)
Cell *
Please discuss the following: Overall purpose of the program or retreat, what the participants can expect to experience, anticipated benefits to program participants.
Note: Dates will remain tentative until confirmed with our Programming office and the rental fee for facilities and applicable down payment has been received.
Please include experiences and credentials that qualify your group leader(s) to facilitate this program.
Scroll up to download and view a sample schedule. Once the retreat draws closer, you can send a final version to office@songofthemorning.org to have printed copies distributed to your participants as they arrive.
Facility and Program Set-up
We will do our best to accommodate requests for specific facilities; however, to maximize our efficiency in scheduling programs concurrently, we ask for your understanding if this is not possible.
If there IS a preference (ex., Domes, Wheelhouse, Lodge)
(ex., tables, chairs, projector, screen, easel, water, etc.) – subject to additional fees if equipment rental is necessary.
Other Requests
Please let us know of any other needs you may have for your program or retreat.
Our kitchen can offer vegan and/or gluten free meal options for guests. Any further special meal arrangements must be discussed with our kitchen and programs coordinator to determine whether we can meet your groups needs. Note: All meal arrangements must be finalized at least two weeks in advance.
Please review our accommodations policy for assistants and/or family members on the “Program Information Page” – and explain your needs so we know how to plan for your visit.
We currently have a Massage, Reiki, and Yoga Therapist on staff. Would you like to allow your participants to book appointments during their free-time?
Finalizing your end of the agreement
Please click the "submit" button below to send your completed proposal. Submitting your proposal will signify that you understand and agree to the terms under which Song of the Morning is offering this opportunity to rent space for a private program or retreat.