Application and Current Openings

There are currently no staff position openings.


Song of the Morning is an amazing place for those consciously on the spiritual path who want to put their heart into what they do. Our staff positions provide an opportunity to learn how the practical applications of Yoga relate to everyday life as well as the chance to advance in spiritual discipline and growth.

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There are many staff roles, including housekeeping, kitchen, maintenance, programming/marketing, guest services/bookstore and grounds/gardening. Each person’s role varies depending on his or her skill set. We often function as a team to accomplish the needs of the retreat. An ordinary day might involve spending a morning in the garden, moving into housekeeping, ending up in the kitchen for dinner prep. We are really just one big staff working together to fulfill the needs of the Ranch. Staff members attend group practices as scheduled, evening meditation and morning meetings and  help with meal clean up. Work days run from nine to five and into the evening when we have guests.

Lodging at Song of the Morning is simple and comfortable, allowing you to get the most out of your yogic experience without the usual distractions of phones, televisions, etc. Most staff rooms are quite small, lovingly referred to as “pods,” and include a half bath, located in the same facility as the kitchen, dining room and offices.


Living and working at Song of the Morning is an intensely communal environment; therefore, an ability to get along well with others is a necessity. Time off includes evenings between dinner clean-up and meditation, and all day Monday and Tuesday.

While we do not require a contract, we ask that those applying to be on staff have the intention of being with us for three to five years. 


1.   While each staff member has his/ her own set of primary duties, our staff works together to meet the ongoing needs of the retreat. In a spirit of positive interdependence, staff is expected to help out with shared duties (such as kitchen clean-up) and tasks assigned to meet periodic or unexpected needs.

2.   All staff are responsible, individually and collectively, or creating an environment that is consistently welcoming, serviceful, respectful, and spiritually uplifting. Each person’s thoughts, words and actions – toward members, guests, and each other- help create the positive experience of all who come to Song of the Morning.