Marin Heinritz - Artist in Residence 

Marin was our artist in residence here at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat during the month of October, 2015. She was on leave from her faculty position in the English Department at Kalamazoo College.

Rick's Song

"It's difficult to convey how meaningful the Ranch has become. The beautiful property, its wonderful buildings and the sense of peace I felt the moment I arrived. A haven from the outside where it's OK to be myself. A place to pray, learn to meditate, a holy place to look for God.  A place filled with amazing, loving people who want to be here much as I do. A place where I feel needed. A place that gives me a much needed sense of utility. A place where giving back brings real joy and fulfillment. My sister-in-law recently asked what it was I loved most about this place and it made me think. Was it the wholesome garden fresh food and the loving way it's prepared? The endless hiking and biking trails? The lights that shine so brightly in the eyes of the staff or how unconditionally those of us still rough around the edges are embraced and encouraged to grow? The list is endless and I could go on and on. But the best thing of all is the possibility of discovering who in the world I might be! What the future Rick could become given time in such a positive environment; a more compassionate, open and loving person with a better understanding of God. I've got lots of work to do and as they say, only time will tell. I'm forever grateful to the staff and for all the wonderful new friends I've made here at Song Of The Morning."

Rick Gray

Presenter Testimonials

"Song of the Morning Retreat Center is perfect to hold retreats and other such events. The energy is very clear, powerful and the beautiful natural surroundings are breathtaking. The staff is exceptional is helping make it a wonderful experience. The food is delicious, nutritious and prepared with love. The lodging is very comfortable and nicely kept up. All of my students really enjoyed their stay. The hiking trails are mind-clearing in a very powerful way. I look forward to holding my retreat next year. Thanks to the staff at The Song of the Morning Retreat Center." 

Meena Puri, ERYT-500, R.A.P (Registered Ayurvedic Practioner), Certified Meditation Teacher

"We were so very fortunate to have connected with everyone at Song of the Morning.  It is always so rejuvenating being with the staff, community, and land at SOTM. It was a heart opening weekend for all and we really enjoyed partnering together to expand the love from our hearts. We are so very appreciative of the opportunity to serve in this way. We are so filled with gratitude. Much love and light to everyone."

Lisa Barley and Daniel Koster, owners, Aquarian Block Party, LLC

"Just wanting to send our thanks and love to you from both Dave and I. We had a lovely weekend and the Song was wonderful, perfectly tuned! Our meals were just the best too. Everything about your sacred space is, well....sacred, and it is the people who support it that make it come alive with love. Blessings to you all. " 

Love, Cindy Gray, author of The Spirit of Health: Mind-to-toe Self-Care for Women