“The way to freedom is through service to others.” - Paramahansa Yogananda


Karma Yoga is the yogic path of selfless service, and Song of the Morning is the ideal place to devote yourself to service. Experience life in a spiritual community dedicated to serving others. Spend your days with like-minded workers while serving the Divine in a high vibrational and devotional environment. Karma yogis expect nothing in return for their service; thus they pay for lodging and/or meals while at the Ranch. If you're looking for some exchange, consider work exchange.


Volunteer help is almost always needed; however, there is an application process and arrangements need to be made for your visit. Song of the Morning is both a busy spiritual retreat center and a place of residence and learning in a communal setting. Volunteering provides challenges and great opportunities for everyone who comes here to work and/or live. We hope you'll join us in the spirit of true selfless service and discover the many benefits of this yogic practice of engagement with no expectation of material gain.

If you’re interested in volunteering now or in the future, please submit an application.