Experience life in a spiritual community dedicated to serving others. Spend your days with like-minded workers while serving the Divine in a high vibrational and devotional environment. Work exchange is a fun and life-changing experience. It is also hard work. If you’re looking for a retreat, work exchange probably isn't the experience for you. But if you like to work hard and want to help support the Ranch through service, it is a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Length of Service and Benefits

Work exchange commitments run for a minimum of one month and can go for as long as several months. For those interested in shorter commitments, we ask that you explore our volunteer opportunities, or sign up for one of our Karma Yoga Weekend Retreats. 

We ask that work exchange applicants arrange their schedules to begin their commitment the first Wednesday of the month. Work exchangers work between 24 to 34 hours per week in support of staff members and their daily duties. In return, work exchangers receive lodging, delicious vegetarian meals and special benefits, including:

  • Inner growth on the fast track

  • Yoga classes

  • Meditation with like-minded seekers

  • Unlimited opportunities to practice karma yoga (the yoga of selfless service)

  • Access to 800 beautiful acres of pristine forest including hiking trails

You are invited to apply for a work exchange position if:

  • You are a committed spiritual seeker willing to consider hard work an important part of your sadhana (spiritual discipline and practice), and you able to work independently and take initiative to complete tasks with times of little supervision.

  • You are at least 18-years-old and able to work a minimum of six hours per day.

  • You want to attend our regular meditations, service and group practices.

  • You have the ability to live and work in close quarters in a communal environment, and the desire to participate in community (non-work hour) activities.

Begin Your Journey and Apply Today!

Participants agree to comply with the Song of the Morning Work Exchange guidelines and complete the weekly sadhana requirements. A minimum of one month is required, and in some circumstances, shorter two week "trial" periods are offered as a way to see if work exchange is a good fit for a given candidate. Duration of stay is extended at the discretion of the Manager. Accommodations for Work Exchange participants are shared dorm rooms or campsites, or small private quarters in our main building when available. 


  • Group Meditation -  5 sessions per week

  • Hatha Yoga  - 1 to 3 classes per week depending on the season

  • Karma Yoga  - 24, 30, or 34 hours of service

Work Exchange Volunteers agree to the sadhana requirements, plus a weekly (or bi-weekly) check-in meeting with a supervisor. These meetings are designed to bring the work exchange volunteer into a circle of support and accountability. Eligibility for staff positions requires a successful completion of one to three months of Song of the Morning Sadhana. 

Hours of service per week Cost for one week Cost for two weeks Cost for three weeks Cost per month
34 $0 $0 $0 $0
30 $35 $65 $80 $100
24 $100 $185 $260 $325

Ready to apply? Submit your application today!

If you are interested in applying for work exchange, please fill out an application.  In addition, please submit a brief cover letter with your resume to If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the manager at (989) 983-4107 or email